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D&C is an interior design firm established by Megumi Takahashi.


D&C is a Sapporo based design firm. Working in Sapporo, the capital of Japan's most northern province, Hokkaido, has allowed us ways to provide a more personal experience for our clients. In Tokyo, the center of Japan’s design industry, projects would be worked on by many people in one design studio, each with their own take, style and goals. In Sapporo a designer must be more flexible. Personally responsible for all aspects of the project, and thus more personally involved in all our projects, no matter the size.

This deeper involvement comes with its own challenges and experiences, which we believe makes us, as individuals, more creative and better designers.

In Japan, as possibly most of the world, most design trends are set by women, be it fashion, goods or popularity of shops or restaurants. Yet most commonly the principal business owners are men. At D&C we want to help bridge the gap between the business owner (whether a restaurant chain or small shop) and the trend setting market of women.

The concept of "Kawaii♪" is very significant to the Japanese trendsetter. It is the equivalent of the English "cute", "stylish", "cozy", "elegant" and even "sexy" all rolled in to one. We believe that being women designers, we have a closer connection to this concept and can help our clients businesses to communicate it to their clients. By striving to incorporate "Kawaii♪" ideas into our work we feel we can create spaces that will help your project be successful with the trend setting women; providing them a favorite place and you a select clientele for your business.

D&C strives to apply these ideas into all our work. We want to provide our clients the personal and deep involvement with the details that comes with working with an experienced firm. We try to incorporate the natural beauty of Hokkaido combined with the elegant softness and style; that "woman's touch", that will make your projects trendy and appealing to all generations of women, as well as men. Above all, we want to be always flexible for our clients and always provide them with a level of service and quality in our designs beyond their expectations.


Megumi Takahashi / Interior Designer

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  • Member of Japanese Commercial Environment Designers Association
  • Established D&C Co. Ltd. in 2009
  • Started her own design studio, D&C, in 2005
  • Joined Atelier Temma in 2002
  • Graduated from Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Hokkai-Gakuen University with a Bachelor of Architecture and joined in Tobishima Corporation in 2000


Design Process

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    First Step

    Please contact us by questions in Japanese or English mail.

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    • Get a feeling of the clients requirements (budget, place, type of business, atmosphere, clientele)
    • Brainstorming
    • Listen to the client’s concept and hear what they would like to do in their space
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    • Visit the site of the project with the client (client may need to pay travel expenses)
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    Planning and Concept Drawings

    • Work on initial floor plans. Paying attention to the number of seats, travel paths, building regulations, service needs, kitchen needs
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    Share the Image

    • Supply CG Visualizations of what was designed so far in steps 1-3.
    • Communicate with the client about what if anything they would like to change/improve
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    Construction Drawings

    • Upon clients approval of the design we will produce the final construction drawings to be used in estimating the work to be done.
    • Building Specifications, Floor Plans, Elevations, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Electrical, Custom Furniture, Building Sections, etc...
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    Decide the Construction Company

    • Get estimate for the work to be done, depending on the project and budget this may involve evaluating several potential builders
    • At this time the final cost of the project can be established
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    Oversee the Construction

    • During the construction process we (D&C) will visit the site on numerous occasions
    • Ensuring that the designs that we agreed upon with the client are clearly communicated to the workers on the site. We will provide any additional drawings that may be required by the builder to ensure the best outcome.
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    • After the construction is completed, we (D&C) will accompany you (the client) and together with the builder go to the site and inspect the completed work, ensuring all work done is what the client expects and matches the design set out.
    • All this not done to the clients expectations will be noted at this time and corrected by the builder if needed
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    Opening preparation, carrying-in work, etc. start after delivery.

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